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Individual Therapy, Counseling, Attachment Therapy

We are a group of like-minded and like-hearted licensed Marriage and Family Therapists specifically experienced and trained in attachment-based, trauma-informed therapies of all kinds.  We each have personal experiences and training that have shaped us to see relationships and family problems through a family system and attachment lens. While that is our first look, we also use alternative approaches when the evidence would suggest better outcomes.

At The Attach Place, we’re experts in attachment therapy. That’s why we call our practice “a center for strengthening relationships.” Of course, every relationship involves individuals. And individual therapy is a service we offer to help people who are going through hard times.

In a series of virtual one-on-one sessions with one of our licensed therapists, clients are helped to understand and deal with any personal issues they’re experiencing. As a result, they can feel better-equipped to live their lives and contribute to their important relationships.

Anyone can benefit from online individual therapy at The Attach Place. Our therapists are able to tailor a counseling program for people in all stages of life and experience.

When to Seek Therapy

We often see individual therapy clients when they have experienced some kind of childhood trauma or are dealing with a traumatic event or unexpected life change. This might be coping with the death of a loved one; going through a relationship breakup or divorce; entering into a marriage; or experiencing a combination of circumstances that lead to a bout with depression. Childhood trauma and drastic changes in one’s life can cause a client to ask important questions about themselves and about life. Individual therapy can help to answer them.

The Benefits of Online Individual Counseling

There are many benefits a client gains from seeing a licensed therapist on an individual basis:

  • Dealing with attachment issues. Attachment therapy is a major emphasis of our practice, helping clients to overcome internal obstacles to real human connections and authentic relationships.
  • Healing trauma. Trauma lasts a lifetime if it is not addressed with trauma-informed treatment. All therapists at The Attach Place are skilled in trauma healing practices.
  • Understanding emotions. When a client often feels angry, hurt, jealous or despairing, they may wonder what’s happening to them and why. Therapy helps clients express and talk through these emotions for valuable insight.
  • Reducing anxiety. Learning to overcome worry and stress about daily life and the future makes for happier living. Anxiety can be limiting and even debilitating when it goes unaddressed.
  • Getting a fresh perspective. Clients who are alone with their thoughts may see no way out of their problems. Getting guidance through conversation with a therapist can frame challenges in a new way.
  • Alleviating depression. Feelings of sadness, lethargy, and hopelessness can be helped through individual therapy. 
  • Promoting self-esteem. Individuals who value themselves and what they have to offer are more ready to face life’s challenges.
  • Building relationships. Clients discover how to be a better partner to the significant others in their lives.
  • Learning communication skills. Sometimes getting along with others and getting what we need are all about knowing how to speak and listen. Individual counseling can help develop these skills.
  • Someone to listen. Even in our electronically connected world, loneliness and a feeling of being ignored are widespread problems. The therapists at The Attach Place enable clients to tell their stories and be heard.

What to Expect from Virtual Individual Therapy

Clients who come to The Attach Place for online individual counseling are embarking on a journey that can greatly improve their lives and relationships. Our goal is to help people face life with confidence and become all they can be.

All of our individual therapy clients can count on the following:

  • A safe environment for expressing thoughts and emotions, without judgment
  • A trusting relationship with a qualified, compassionate therapist
  • Expertise in attachment and trauma treatment
  • The chance to develop action plans for enacting real solutions

Each therapist may employ various kinds of tools and techniques in the sessions, depending on the client’s desires and goals, and their most immediate needs. But attachment is central to what we do. Clients may be prompted, challenged, guided, and encouraged during sessions. The objective is always to bring thoughts and feelings out into the open, identifying any false beliefs and counterproductive behaviors, and suggesting courses of action that will bring about positive change.

Our Therapists:

Ce Eshelman, LMFT

Alcira Ascencio, LMFT (English/Spanish)

Jen Nguyen, LMFT (English/Vietnamese)

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