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Online Family, Child, Trauma & Couples Therapy

We have been providing state-of-the-art teletherapy for years, so we are ready to meet your therapeutic needs online right now!

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Adult/Couple/Child Therapy FAQ:

1. Can we do Attachment and Trauma Treatment in a Teletherapy Way?  Is it Effective?

Yes, Attachment and Trauma Comprehensive Therapy can be done online with parents and children very effectively.  We have been doing it successfully for many years.  Schedule an intake HERE.

2. Can Couples Resolve Issues in Teletherapy?

We know this seems impossible, but we have been doing it successfully for many years at The Attach Place.  Schedule an intake HERE.

3. Is Teletherapy Cheaper than Face-to-Face Therapy?

Great question.  You will find cheap online services, for sure. Bottom line: everyone here at The Attach Place is an expert.  We are not interns, inexperienced, or new to any particular theory.  We are well trained, professional, state-of-the-art experts in our fields.  We charge a full fee because you get expertise that is hard to find elsewhere.  That is not a sales pitch.  It is the truth about every single therapist at The Attach Place.

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Online Specialty Services

Comprehensive Attachment and Trauma Therapy for Parents and Children from Difficult Beginnings


The Attach Place provides comprehensive Attachment and Trauma Treatment. Our services are adoption competent through ARC and trauma-informed through International Stress Management.

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Trauma Therapy

The Attach Place offers a variety of powerful trauma therapies and treatment modalities for healing deeply.

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Neurofeedback Therapy

The Attach Place offers BrainPaint Neurofeedback Solutions for Emotional Wellness, Reduction of Mental Health Symptoms, Attachment and Trauma Issues, and Improved Sports Performance. This is not done online and a home system is an option

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Professional Training, Bonding Studies, School Support, Intern Supervision, and Court Appointed Expert Witness Testimony

The Attach Place provides expert witness court testimony, trainers in attachment and trauma treatment for professionals, trainers for therapeutic parenting practices, and trauma-informed bonding studies.  This is not done online.

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English, Spanish and Vietnamese spoken here.

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The Importance of Professional Family and Marriage Counseling

Rare is the person who has zero problems with interpersonal relationships.  Even those who are well-rounded, have good communication skills, and exhibit a strong emotional vocabulary can experience problems in relationships that they simply don’t have the skills or experience to solve.


Individual Therapy

As adults, we often have expectations for ourselves that we would never impose on others.  When life gets hard, we tell ourselves to toughen up and forge ahead.  When we can’t deal with the incredible amounts of stress in our lives, we beat ourselves up, and when we fail in relationships, we tell ourselves it will be better next time.


Couples Counseling

When you look at loving couples, you might think they have it easy.  You may wonder why you struggle in your own relationships.  Why are your relationships so full of arguments and strife?  Why can’t you just be happy?


Family Therapy

Untangling the difficulties of family dynamics is no easy feat, what with so many distinctive personalities in play.  Every person is a bundle of desires and goals, fears and anxieties, and in some cases, contradictory impulses.  When you throw a bunch of them together, it’s no wonder family relationships can be difficult to maintain, especially if issues are further exacerbated by circumstances like the abandonment, neglect, and abuse that adopted children may have suffered.


Child Therapy (Children and Adolescents)

You naturally want the best for your children, but as a parent, you may find yourself unprepared to deal not only with the expected difficulties of childrearing, but added issues related to attachment disorders.  This is where child therapy with the experienced and compassionate therapists at The Attach Place can help.