Neurofeedback Therapy for Healing Attachment Trauma & Challenges

You might be wondering how neurofeedback has a natural connection to supporting attachment and regulation disorders. I know I did when I was first searching for help with my attachment- challenged children. As an Attachment and Trauma Specialist and the founder of The Attach Place, I am pleased to report the progress neurofeedback is having on softening the wounded, protected hearts of attachment-challenged children, especially toward their parents. No kidding.

Neurofeedback Can Pave the Way for Healing Attachment/Trauma Dysregulation Symptoms

One of the major issues facing traumatized, attachment-challenged children and their families is the, almost impossible to repair, emotion regulation disturbance within and between family members. Neurofeedback, also known as brain wave training, can collapse the resistance to emotional engagement, increase the acceptance of parental guidance, and further the embrace of reciprocal affection. Neurofeedback changes relationships every day, even when there may be little motivation to change at the start.


Video Testimonials

Praise for Neurofeedback…

Here are only a few testimonials about the impact neurofeedback has had on the lives of some of our families seeking to heal the wounds and dysregulation from attachment disruption and trauma in early childhood.

If I can write something or talk with parents, I want to do it. This program is amazing. Neurofeedback with you is truly a miracle for our son and our family. My friends keep asking me what I am doing. My husband says he has his wife back.

Mother of a Reactive Attachment Disordered 15 yr old

My daughter is so much more affectionate.

Mother of a 12 yr old attachment challenged adopted daughter

She has been easy to be around for two weeks. Two weeks without one blow out. First time ever.

Mother of a 5 yr old attachment challenged adopted daughter

I am definitely getting better. I feel better.

Adopted 16 yr old boy

I am forever indebted to you. I feel myself again for the first time since we adopted the kids.

Mother of two challenging adopted children

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