Trauma Therapy

The Attach Place offers a variety of powerful trauma therapies and treatment modalities for healing deeply. Trauma impacts a child's development and an adult’s ability to experience joy and well-being in life and relationships. If you were traumatized in childhood, it is likely that you were developmentally challenged in your maturation and are now struggling to function in life under the stressors of everyday life. Trauma can be debilitating. We are here to help you heal from big "T" trauma and small "t" trauma.

You matter; and you can heal. We've got you.

Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy

trauma therapy



Trauma Therapy Modalities

Attachment-based Trauma-informed Psychotherapy

Slaying the Dragon Trauma Therapy


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Somatic Experiencing

Ketamine-Assisted-Psychotherapy (KAP)

Flash Technique


Binaural Beats Technology

Affect Regulation Coaching and Skill Building

Mindfulness Training

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