Build A Custom Workshop or Training for Your Organization

The Attach Place develops and provides training workshops for parents and professionals on various topics from Creating Trauma-informed Classrooms for teachers to Stop Yelling 101 for parents. We collaborate to create the workshop that best meets the needs of the organization.

The following are a few of our recent workshop/training topics:

Shows virtual classroom

ACEs Too High

Healing Parents

The Promise: Better Living with PACE

Coming to Your "Senses" During the Holidays

Reviving Your Passion For Your Child

The Healing Art of Being

Attachment Styles in Parents and Children

A Coherent Narrative: Our Stories Hurt and Heal

Creating A Regulating Environment

Understanding Complex Development Trauma

Behavior Is Communication-Assessing the Impact of Trauma on Children

Stop Yelling 101

Advanced Stop Yelling 201

Back to School Anxiety Traps and Hacks

Therapeutic Parenting Basics

Other Professional Services Provided by The Attach Place

1. Intern Supervision: Certified Supervision for Board of Behavioral Sciences Practicums.
2. Advocacy: Attendance at IEPs and Other School-based Meetings.

For more information about building and scheduling a training specifically designed for your environment, contact us today at

ANNOUNCEMENT-Beyond Trauma: Inner Thrive Women's Wellness Group is open to new members until 3/26/24. Interested?


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