Weirdly Having Fun

Dear Parents,

Given the insanity of my current chosen lifestyle–living with four attachment challenged, special needs, adult children–I must admit to having quite a bit of fun.  It is wild and woolly around here for sure–Who has my lotion and eyebrow brush?  Who took the toothpaste out of the bathroom?  Where is my beige sweater, white sweater, and pink sweatshirt?  Will you all please, pretty please, replace the last of the paper towels, Q-tips, Kleenex, hand soap, bath soap, bath towels, washcloths, ice cubes, and dish soap?  Also, please, pretty please, will someone let the dogs outside once in awhile, fill the cat and dog water bowls when they are bone dry, give chewies around 5pm, and  clean up potty accidents you see in the middle of the living-room carpet (instead of walking around it for 6 hours before I get home)?

Despite all that, I missed out on having fun with my kids when they were younger.  I was so caught up in reigning them in, stomping out inappropriate behavior, correcting and consequencing, and feeling basically freaked out by the magnitude of it all that I failed to see their true natures, their curiosity, and their tender hearts yearning for safety and lightness of being.  I hope those of you with young, attachment challenged children take heed.  Your time for fun is now.

I have a second chance to be truly loving, and I am BIG grateful.  If only some “one” of them would tell me when there is no more toilet paper anywhere in the whole house before I…you know.

Love matters,


Ce is the author of Drowning With My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief for Adoptive Parents and an Attachment Specialist at The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships.

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