We Are Amazing

My life is being run by dogs, cats and kids. I wake to the whine of my weeping-eyed, black lab resting his giant head about an inch from my face.  My cat made sure I was alerted off and on throughout the night by walking back and forth across my pillow (and thus my face.) Silver lining, I was awake and ready if burglars ascended. They didn’t. When I get into the kitchen to give that whiny dog his morning chewy (yes, I know, I trained him to whine at 5:30am by feeding him treats), I see a formerly clean sink now full of dirty dishes with telltale crumbs and peanut butter smeared everywhere. When did that happen, I was up all night watching for burglars? Then my son literally crawls into the living room telling me I have to drive him to school today because of xyz, which he forgot to tell me. 
Frankly, I can’t wait to get to the office.  I love my work, though I do have to swing back by school at noon to take the boy to the dentist. Sometime in the night my daughter texted that she needs money to buy FOOD, again, and can I bring it by before 11am because they are really hungry. 
Uh, no.  No, I can’t.  Sorry honey.  Recycle some cans.
We parents are amazing humans, AMAZING!
Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT
P.S. While I was writing this, my son crawled back into the living room to tell me, “Nevermind Mom, I’m sick and yes I DID puke in my shoes MOM!”  The kid knows me.
Okay, go back to bed, sweetheart, and give up your laptop on the way.  
Silver lining, I don’t have to take him to the dentist at noon.  Lunch anyone?
The Attach Place Logo The Attach Place provides a monthly no fee Trust-based Adoptive Parent Support Group in Sacramento, every 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Next group is June 10th at 6pm. Come join us.  Online RSVP each month required.   Child care provided.
We had a fun first half of the 10-hr. Trust-based Parenting Course  over the weekend.  Looking forward to Day 2 on Saturday.  Next course–July 25th and August 1st, 10am to 3pm each day.  Child care provided for an extra fee. Sign-up online at www.attachplace.com.
The Attach Place supports The Wounded Warrior Project by providing free neurofeedback to veterans.  Feel free to send a soldier our way for an assessment and 20 session course of treatment.
Feel free to send this link to friends or family members who you would like to receive Daily YOU Time: Wisdom for Adoptive Parents.

When they turn 18, they usually aren’t ready to fly. Breathe.
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