Tired To The Bone

How familiar are YOU with these fun conversations?
Me: I was surprised to hear you went to the store Saturday and bought two swimsuits after we talked about your having two new swimsuits already.
Son’s Girlfriend:  It was Friday.
Me:  Okay, Friday, you bought two swimsuits after we talked about how you didn’t need new swimsuits.
Son’s Girlfriend: I only bought one.
Me: Yes, though you tried to get two and didn’t end up with enough money at the checkout, right?  That really isn’t my point though.
Son’s Girlfriend:  No eye contact and total silence.
When we returned home, I reminded my son to do his chores.
Son:  I know.
Me: Great, how about now?
Son:  I did one.
Me: Great, how about the rest?
Son: What are they?
Me: The same ones you have every day.
Son: I don’t have the same ones every day.
Me: Nearly every day then.
Son: No eye contact and total silence.
At that point I needed a little time out in my room to regulate.  Two adult RAD kids are enough to make my head spin, Exorcist style, over nearly nothing.  I must get a grip.  Do you know where I can buy one?
Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT
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Taking this stuff seriously will make your head explode.  

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