It’s Coming on Christmas and Hanukkah, Too

Dear Parents,

‘Tis the season’ for dysregulation.  It is what it is.

A couple thoughts:

Slow down.

Go small.

Adjust your expectations.

Then, expect dysregulation.

Make room for transition.

Know that things get broken right out of the box.

Know that the box sometimes is better than the toy.

Too much is too much.

Once there is too much, there will be crying, yelling, refusing, and regression.

Be patient.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Enjoy yourself.

Allow imperfection–yours and everyone else’s.

Call it a day when you are tired and when you know enjoyment has come to an end.

Recap the joyful parts of the day at bedtime.

Be thankful.

Be loving.

Be forgiving.

Be self and other-compassionate.

Be real.

Be merry.



You are loved.  Appreciated.  Seen.  You are making a difference every day, every way.

Love matters,


The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships






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