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YOU are so important to the life of your attachment challenged, special needs child.  Get respite, regulation and relief.  If you think you can white knuckle it, YOU are mistaken.  In the end, your child will suffer.  I keep saying this and still some of YOU are not doing it.  Get the help you need, now, before your child is too frozen-over to heal.
I know it is hard to do.  I know it costs too much.  I know you don’t have the time.  I know how desperate you are. And, I know you need help.  Don’t be too proud, too hurt, too tough to let someone help you do this.  It is near impossible to parent attachment challenged children without support.  YOU are not alone, unless YOU choose to be.

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Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT 
Next Trust-based Relational Parent Training is scheduled for May 10th and 17th.  It is close to full already, so go to to register soon to reserve your space.  Each group has only 16 spaces.  Ready, set, go.
Get more information and reserve your spot for our upcoming Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop for Parents of Adopted, Attachment Challenged, and/or Special Needs Children in Sacramento, CA on April 25th, 26th and 27th.
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