When Will This Be Over?

Dear Parent,

This is one of the most difficult questions I get asked when an adoptive parent sits in my office after many months of doing everything possible to stay calm, create safety, and respond consistently with structure and nurture to the trust-blocking shenanigans of their child: When will this be over?

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It’s painful because I know how it feels to be compelled to ask the question and I have enough experience over the last 20 years to know I cannot really give a satisfying answer.  When children are traumatized and abandoned in the early years, healing is a long, slow process of many steps, repetitions, missteps, flipped lids, sabotage, and, yes, growth.  When a parent is in the midst of it all, growth seems like it isn’t happening.  I can always see that it is.  It just isn’t happening fast or all at once.  To complicate matters, just when there is a leap of maturity, other hurdles appear as if from nowhere or reappear like ghosts from the past. It is what it is.

When will this be over?  Like childhood itself, when your child matures.  That means when s/he learns to navigate loving relationships, takes responsibility for actions, and makes life affirming decisions.  Some people with more solid beginnings are still working on these tenets of mature adulthood.  Raising children transitions; it doesn’t get over.  Raising traumatized, attachment challenged children is no different; it does often take extra effort, patience, and perseverance over time.

Love matters,


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