Therapeutic Parenting Does Not Mean Being A Doormat

Dear Parents,

My husband brings this message home to me on a regular basis: If therapeutic parenting means being a doormat, no thanks.  He has a way with words.

Respect is a requirement for a successful life.  Put that high up on the list of values you are training into your children.  Soft tone, thoughtful word choice, kindness, consideration, and politeness all smooshed up like mushy peas is respect.  Every single time you get something other than respectful engagement from your child/teen require a “do over.”  I am dyed in the wool, dead serious.

My kids have a lot of pre-frontal executive function issues which make them full of challenging behavior; but they are almost always respectful.

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That makes all the difference in the world in my ability to keep skin in the game of raising them into productive adults.

Get respect from your children in the way you get air for your body. It will keep you alive and emotionally capable of going the distance.  Your heart will wear out along the way, if you don’t.

Love matters,


P.S. Finally, I am done moving my house, my kids, and our office.  Whew, I am tired.  I am also ready to get back to normal, as much as my life could ever be considered normal. Make a note that we have a new office address: 3336 Bradshaw Road, Ste 175, Sacramento, CA 95827.  Same phone number and same terrific staff.

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