The Struggle Continues

Dear Parent,

Tonight, I am thinking about all of you falling into bed, dog tired.  You have fed and bathed and read the last story three times to your child(ren).  You are brain numb and tired of holding in all things you in favor of all things them.  That is such a commitment you have made to put yourself on the back burner this way and to lift up a child who carries such a heavy load.  That is an incredible testament to your determination to be the force of healing and security in your child’s life.

My hat is off and my heart is open to you. I know you did not sign adoption papers for praise or a pat on the back from others.  You did it for love and your desire to bring home a family member; in a visceral way you have created a safe haven for a child who had no other place to wholeheartedly belong.

From my own experience, I feel sure you work diligently every day to take the high road, eschew the low road, and spend countless hours processing both with your partner, friends, and family.  As you fall exhausted into bed, dear parents, I am sending you a bucket of wishes that sound like this:  May you feel peaceful and contented.  May you feel compassion and hope.  May you feel safe and loved, for tomorrow the struggle continues.

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Love matters,


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