The Condom Talk

I have to admit that teen girls scare me.  My son is cute, personable, and seriously gullible.  Girls have been trying to hold his hand, kiss him, and date him for years. I have always been grateful that he wasn’t really ready for any of it.
I saw a post yesterday on Facebook that he is in love.  Oh my. I knew he started liking a girl at school and that they were planning a Starbucks date.  Within two weeks, they are “in love.”  Time for the condom talk.
Oh sure, I have had it before many times with him, but he wasn’t interested.  This time the kid was bright red and nearly crawling under the chair.  That told me volumes. Definitely time for the talk.  When I told him I was going to show him how to put one on, he screamed No! and crossed his genitals with both hands.  He’s a bit literal, and I am not. Causes some momentary cortisol spikes.
I’m telling you this because it is good to continually prepare our kids for what they may not really, actually understand despite all the talks and all the emphatic, “I know, Mom”.
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The Attach Place
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Love Matters,
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