Dysregulation-giving Day

Dear Parents,

It is Dysregulation-giving Day tomorrow.  Yippee! There is nothing like a house full of people, gooey snacks, early morning parades, too much food, and loud football to kick a fit into gear.  Since you know it is coming, lean into it.  By that I mean bring your own dysregulation down by using as many proactive prevention strategies as you can manage; then accept whatever happens after that. When easily dysregulated children get overstimulated, overtired, over-feed, and over-stressed by engagement and trying to “be good,” there is bound to be some fussing.  Accept it, keep your lid on, and support everyone in the room to carry on.  Your child will not be in the “Red Zone” the whole time.

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Proactive Prevention

  • plan outdoor activities at regular intervals
  • check in with your child often for connection
  • allow some snacking, but not too much bad snacking
  • prepare a kid zone where the kids can hang out, play, roll around, be kiddish
  • require respect and direction following, even when it’s a madhouse
  • put a sensory basket in a quiet corner for taking a break
  • make sure you take deep breaths before addressing your children
  • if a fuss begins, assure everyone your child will be fine when calmed and offer a hug (it’s embarrassing, even shameful for some children, to lose emotional control in front of others)

Don’t forget to be thankful for all the little things tomorrow.  Sometimes you have to look hard for them, but you know they are there, right?  I am thankful for you and your love for your child during the stressful times.

Love matters,


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