Teens Need Play Too

Hey YOU, teen parents: teens need play, too.  The challenge is weathering the negative attitude on the way to having fun and tolerating the negative attitude on the way back.  YOU will be in serious contention for the Mother Teresa or Ghandi award.  There isn’t a lot in it for YOU, except knowing that you are oiling the gears of your relationship with your teen.  YOU are putting fun in their tanks.  They will  appreciate YOU for it; just not out loud while they are teens.  Your relationship will be strengthened because of your effort.
One last thing about play with teens.  Teens are seriously impressed by novelty.  Novel fun is priceless and impactful to them.  So, take them somewhere interesting and different…then do everything side by side.
Ropes Course
Wall Climbing
Work Vacation in Mexico, Guatemala, Appalachia, Nepal, Dominican Republic, Calcutta
Backpack into the Sierra
Soup Kitchen in SF
Weekend with the Homeless Program
White Water Rafting
Go Cart Driving
Surf Boarding
Gold Mining
Cruise to Alaska, Mexico, Nova Scotia
Bike Ride through Italy, France, U.S.
Amusement Parks
Visit Stonehenge, Pueblos in New Mexico, Niagara Falls, Acropolis 
Donkey Trip in the Grand Canyon
Ellis Island
9/11 Ground Zero
Holocaust Museum
Mount Rushmore
Spirituality Retreat
Swim with Dolphins
Workout Together
Run Together
Volunteer Together
Water Park
I know you are not made of money, so only do what you can afford. Camping will do. Soup kitchens are free.
Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT
The Attach Place Logo The Attach Place provides a monthly no fee Trust-based Adoptive Parent Support Group in Sacramento, every 2nd Wednesday of each month.  Next group is June 10th at 6pm. Come join us.  Online RSVP each month required.   Child care provided.
We had a fun first half of the 10-hr. Trust-based Parenting Course  over the weekend.  Looking forward to Day 2 on Saturday.  Next course–July 25th and August 1st, 10am to 3pm each day.  Child care provided for an extra fee. Sign-up online at www.attachplace.com.
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Get into the kitchen with your teen and see what you can create.
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