Stuck In Numb

One form of protection the human organism has built-in to protect from the overwhelming emotions of trauma, abandonment and maltreatment is dissociation.  Dissociation can be viewed on a continuum from numbing to splitting off parts into personality fragments.  These are heady concepts that need real study to fully understand, though YOU may be experiencing it every day in your child(ren) without really knowing what it is.

If your child seems to have few highs and few lows and has the appearance often of sleepwalking, you are likely living with a child who is “stuck in numb,” in a dimmer switch state or breaker switch state.  Dimmer switch state is like being wrapped head-to-toe in foam where all feelings are dulled and muted.  Breaker switch state is like being “shocked” into feeling nothing at all.  Questions like “What do you feel?” are met with confusion or persistent responses of “I don’t know.”

Treatment is necessary for dissociated children.  Without it, your child will likely grow somatic or psychological conditions that plague for a lifetime

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Ce Eshelman, LMFT 
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