Sick of COVID-19? Find the Silver Lining

Hello Parents,

Don’t think I cannot possibly understand what you are going through, because I surely can.  Children from difficult beginnings are hard to support 24/7.

I can also see the dozens of families who have found the silver lining in this damned Shelter In Place Order. Do you already feel the silver lining?  Have you experienced it?  Is there a kind of peace developing that you have not known before?

If you are experiencing this, then you probably don’t need to read the rest of this blog post because you got it; you got what the Universe was trying to tell you.

If you are struggling wildly to figure out how to thrive in the time of COVID-19 at home with your children from difficult beginnings, then you need to get more help than you have–bottom line. Seriously, you are maybe surviving, when you could be thriving.

I want you to thrive, and your children to heal.  I know the way.  I cannot do it for you, but I can shine a light down the path.

Right now, because of the pandemic, I am doing something that is simply the right thing to do.  I am giving you access to a paid therapeutic parenting annual membership for nearly nothing…as low as $1 per month.  No kidding.  If that is all you have, I say, “Come on in.”  I want you to have this as a gift while you are at home with your children during this uncertain time, and beyond.

This is an incredible membership that usually costs $67 per month, and is well worth it for those who pay that.  Yet, times have changed and I really want to give this to you, if you will take the next step to get the help you need. Click Here.

Love matters,


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