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Comprehensive Treatment for Traumatized Children and Teens

Praise for Attachment and Trauma Treatment Program…

In one of our first sessions with Ce, she told us that before we could work on our trauma and attachment-challenged child, we needed to work on me (Mom). I believe I may have audibly gasped. Work on “me”? I’M fine. I’M not the problem. I was oozing righteous indignation. Then came D-Day, when our parenting skills were failing us, and my mind desperately grasped for Ce’s pearls of wisdom. With no loss of life, limb, sanity, or self-respect, we witnessed a profound moment of therapeutic-parenting success; our epiphany. What we’ve learned from Ce is that it isn’t about us not being good parents, or the right parents; it is about how to be this traumatized child’s parent. Ce’s daily blogs have been invaluable lessons on how to effectively, lovingly engage a traumatized child when they’re melting inside, and her calming words have had a way of talking me down from my ledge—reminding me that “love matters.”
Kim P., Adoptive Mother

This woman saved our family. This book will save your sanity! After years (and many therapists) of getting it wrong, Ce Eshelman got our traumatized family on the right path to attachment, sanity, and big, big love. Ce’s unique therapy is grounded in the latest brain research, her own struggles raising traumatized children, and work with hundreds of families like ours. Her stories, contained in this book, are our stories: full of pain, confusion, hope, faith, love, and practical magic that really works.
Elaine S., Adoptive Mother

Ce’s daily blog has been a lifesaver, particularly when days are most dreary and hopeless. Not only have her words of empathy proven to be priceless to our family, but I have often forwarded them on to others. Such a comfort to feel understood, with no judgment.
Patty O., Adoptive Mother

Ce’s words provide insight and relief on so many levels: practical advice based on brain research on how to do this thing called “therapeutic parenting;” emotional balm when life with my attachment-challenged child goes on tilt; deep empathy and understanding because she’s walked in my shoes; refreshing honesty about her own struggles and failings; applause for a tiny step forward and encouragement to keep on going.  I need these words, sometimes like I need air to breathe! Ce has been a God-send for our family.
Debi Z., Adoptive Mother

Our Attachment Specialty Program

We are adoption competent through ARC and trauma-informed through International Stress Management:

  • Comprehensive Attachment and Trauma Assessment:

Adult Attachment Inventory (AAI); Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory for Adolescents (SASSI-A2); Stress Index for Parents of Children/Adolescents (PSI-4/SIPA); Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (TSCC); Attachment Disorder Assessment Scale (ADAS-R); Child/Adolescent Comprehensive History; Child Attachment Assessment; Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS); Emotional Need Questionnaire; Life Functioning Inventory; Marital Attachment Questionnaire; and Marital Problem Analysis

For long-distance attachment and trauma treatment, consider:

Attachment Boosting Bootcamp:
A 2-week Family Intensive

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