Attachment Program Overview

Comprehensive Attachment Therapy and Trauma Treatment Program Parents and Children

Praise for Attachment and Trauma Treatment Program…

In one of our first sessions with Ce, she told us that before we could work on our trauma and attachment-challenged child, we needed to work on me (Mom). I believe I may have audibly gasped. Work on “me”? I’M fine. I’M not the problem. I was oozing righteous indignation. Then came D-Day, when our parenting skills were failing us, and my mind desperately grasped for Ce’s pearls of wisdom. With no loss of life, limb, sanity, or self-respect, we witnessed a profound moment of therapeutic parenting success; our epiphany. What we’ve learned from Ce is that it isn’t about us not being good parents, or the right parents; it is about how to be this traumatized child’s parent. Ce’s daily blogs have been invaluable lessons on how to effectively, lovingly engage a traumatized child when they’re melting inside, and her calming words have had a way of talking me down from my ledge—reminding me that “love matters.”
Kim P., Adoptive Mother

Our Treatment Model for Healing
Foster/Adoptive Children and Families

What you can expect…

When you come here, you can expect informed and professional care.  Together we will develop a customized, comprehensive treatment plan for healing the wounded heart of your traumatized child from difficult beginnings.  Change is possible.  Hope is at hand.

First, we begin with a comprehensive assessment and intake to evaluate your situation and family needs.

In this first session, we discuss and agree upon an individualized treatment plan for your family; and we will establish a treatment plan and schedule for parents to learn the best, brain-based strategies for regulation, connection, and loving correction for children experiencing attachment, neglect, and other abuse trauma.

At the same time, we may schedule a Theraplay Assessment (video parent/child structured play sessions–MIM/Review) to evaluate parent/child interactions and share observations. Additionally, we may suggest a Neurodevelopmental Assessment to determine if early trauma treatment is necessary. If there is significant dysregulation in child or parent, then we may suggest a Remote Neurofeedback Assessment to lay the groundwork for success in future attachment and trauma interventions. Other assessments that may be indicated include:

  • Comprehensive Attachment and Trauma Assessment:

Adult Attachment Inventory (AAI);  Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory for Adolescents (SASSI-A2); Stress Index for Parents of Children/Adolescents (PSI-4/SIPA); Trauma Symptom Checklist for Children (TSCC); Attachment Disorder Assessment Scale (ADAS-R); Child/Adolescent Comprehensive History; Child Attachment Assessment; Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS); Emotional Need Questionnaire; Life Functioning Inventory; Marital Attachment Questionnaire; and Marital Problem Analysis, Neurodevelopmental Assessment

Secondly, we solidify and schedule treatment interventions.

Possibilities and Options:

Finally, on-going Therapeutic Parent Coaching will be scheduled.

Our goal is to continuously assess and bust parenting blocks, troubleshoot problem spots, detect attachment challenges in the parent/child relationship, and deepen your knowledge of therapeutic parenting principles that will last you a lifetime.

You are invited to attend:

Insurance, payment plans, and fees:

Comprehensive treatment for attachment challenges and trauma can be expensive.  We can provide Superbills for individual insurance or establish a payment plan for some services. We also accept California Victims Compensation Program funding (See for information and application).