Respect Begets Respect

Dear Parents,

Disrespect is not a given with children from difficult beginnings.  It can be trained out.  It cannot, however, be stomped out.  How we speak to one another is one of the ways we transmit love or disdain.  If you speak dismissively, your children will speak with disrespect.  If you speak with love, your children will learn to speak that way, too.

Training takes time.  There is no fast fix to disrespectful reactions.  There is only corrective parenting in the form of respectful repetition.  Imagine you are teaching a three year old to engage respectfully.  You don’t use a smart mouth to do it, right?  You take time to look them in the eyes, smile, and let them know how a respectful response sounds.  That is the way to teach all children regardless of their age. With kindness and deference to their difficult beginnings, you can bring your children along to loving engagement with you.

This will take the patience of Job. If you give it, they eventually give it back.  I promise.

Love matters,

The Attach Place

The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships


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