Protection and Limit Setting

Hi Sweet Parent–AKA, Child Whisperer:

Troubled BoyIf you brought home your child 10 years or 10 days ago from a difficult beginning, YOU may be battling profoundly painful shame that is easily triggered into automatic, habituated reactions of fear and resultant negative behavioral acting out. You may get pushed away, insulted, demeaned and rejected at every turn. Your child may take to self-injurious punishment by cutting themselves, hitting walls hard, or taking extreme bodily risks. There may even be disgusting behaviors like smearing feces, peeing on the floor, or eating gross things from the garbage to elicit rejection from YOU.

The overriding goal of healing this child’s broken heart is to demonstrate that no icky behavior is so horrible that it cannot be understood and addressed by YOU. There will be NO HARM here. There will be NO CASTING off.

Setting limits is essential for social rehabilitation, but that can only be done within the context of true safety from abuse or rejection by the parent.

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YOU are earning your moniker every day–Child Whisperer.

Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT and Mother
Attachment Specialist and
Parent Whisperer

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