Pre-school Teacher Parenting

We parent the way we were parented, even when we swore we would never do it that way. No shame here. Our parents did the best they could do, and so do YOU. If you are a great project manager rather than a great preschool teacher, then you are missing the writing on the wall, somewhere behind the fist hole. Our kids need that cheerful voice tone, those soft, forgiving eyes, a willingness to watch with excitement ants crawling in line across the sidewalk, the happy to see you face saying you are the cutest little creature on the planet, and personal engagement every day around the carpet circle.
Our kids usually know what to do, but they need heart-wise connection to feel like doing it–no matter how old they are.

The Attach Place

The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships

On hard days YOU might find yourself counting down the days until they turn 18, because pre-school teacher parenting is exhausting. I know that feeling all too well.

Still your children need YOU much more than they know in order to become the “grown-ups” they think they are already.

Love Matters,

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