Parent Support, Training and Coaching for Raising Happy Children and Teens

Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet. Definitely underpaid sometimes. The Attach Place is here to help parents feel competent and confident in making connection and making correction. Our children need us to hold direction for them as they make their way through their developmental milestones into adulthood.

Where’s the Handbook? you might ask. How do I deal with Social Media? Homework? Sexuality? Drugs and alcohol? Step-parenting? Divorce? Grief? School failure? Depression? Disrespect? Traumatic events? Self harm? Dishonesty? Teen drama? Mental health issues? ADHD? Out-of-control behavior?

We are her to help you navigate your way through the rough spots of raising children and teens.

For Parents

This is what you will find here:

  • Understanding, empathy and compassion for what you as a parent are going through.
  • Pathways for creating a happy home: structure, corrective communication, responsibility, creativity, and compassion.
  • Trust-based Relational Intervention© and Theraplay© to support engagement, connection, autonomy, and responsibility.
  • Guidance for understanding the neuroscience of emotions in children/teens and parents.
  • Methods that actually work for reducing tantrums, arguing, violent outbursts, and running away. Help to remove roadblocks to communication between you and your child or teen.
  • Support to develop self and partner care, because your life is important, too.
  • Genuine help to increase your capacity for joy, playfulness, and meaning in your family life.
  • Adult Neurofeedback Therapy.

For Your Child or Teen

This is what you will find here for your child or teen:

  • Understanding, empathy, and compassion for what is happening.
  • Opportunities for art expression, identity development, play expression, and therapeutic play when needed.
  • Skill building to help move smoothly toward developmental milestones.
  • Tools to identify and manage emotions in a pro-social manner.
  • Help to remove roadblocks to communication.
  • Internal resources for accepting responsibility for making good decisions.
  • Genuine help to increase capacity for joy, playfulness, and meaning in family life.
  • Skill-Building Groups.
  • Child/Teen Neurofeedback Therapy.