Bootcamp Intensive 2-week Family Treatment Program

Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp: A 2-week Dynamic Healing Program

Boots Not Required

Boots Not Required

The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships offers families impacted by attachment challenge and trauma an intensive outpatient psychotherapy bootcamp, with a neurotherapy component.

Ce Eshelman, LMFT and Jen Nguyen, LMFT originally created this Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp to support families that could not find comprehensive, attachment, trauma, and neurotherapy services near where they lived.

After providing intensive family attachment bootcamps for many years, Ce and Jen observed that 2-week intensives were excellent kickstarts to making change in families highly impacted by attachment and abuse trauma.  Whether you live far or near to The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships, a customized Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp can have a life altering, lasting impact on your family.  There are no magic interventions or miracle therapeutic programs to cure attachment and trauma wounds in early childhood.  There are, however, some clear pathways to healing that an Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp experience can pave for you and your family.

There are many intensive therapy programs to choose from.  We support you to ask as many questions as you need to in order to make the best decision for your family.  This Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp is unique in that it offers customized 30 hours of individual/family attachment therapy and 20 hours of regulating neurofeedback over the course of two weeks, with a weekend break in between.  Each bootcamp is uniquely designed for individual family needs and specific circumstances.  This is the only intensive where these two feature can be received in tandem. 

This is a dynamic treatment program focused on penetrating hard held beliefs, strengthening parent/child relationships, and improving emotion regulation in all family members.  The format is unique in that it allows a family to step out of daily maladaptive habits and step into a fresh environment to learn, play, and grow attachment/bonds, while addressing the impact of trauma on everyone.

Each day there are three hours of individual and family therapy (according to the family’s specific circumstances) and two hours of neurotherapy per person.  A nutritious lunch is encouraged each day and snacks are provided throughout the Intensive. Parents are given after-therapy activity suggestions and are encouraged to stay in a nearby hotel with complementary breakfasts, pool, exercise room, and spa facilities.  A list of independent childcare providers is available to allow parents and children respite opportunities during the two-week bootcamp experience.

The family’s local therapist is invited to consult before, during, and after the Intensive in order to attain the highest level of continuity and aftercare services possible.  Families are asked to compile and complete a battery of psychological assessments, developmental assessments and previous treatment records so the highest level of treatment integrity can be actualized during the Intensive experience.

The Intensive Family Attachment Bootcamp serves:

  • Families with adopted children from the difficult beginnings of maltreatment, neglect, physical abuse, in utero drug exposure, domestic violence, and, ultimately, abandonment by biological parents and/or multiple foster placements.
  • Families where there has been a breakdown in the family system due to various challenges, including birth trauma, infant/child death, military deployment, maternal or paternal illness, addiction, postpartum depression, and other traumatizing family circumstances.

The Intensive 2-week Format:

  • Expansive holistic assessment and evaluation: parent/child individual attachment styles, psychological diagnoses and wellness quotients, ACEs and Resilience Test scores, Trauma Assessment, Attachment History, and Comprehensive Parent/Child Survey.
  • Avails the whole family to the possibility of emotion regulation (among other brain health benefits) through Brain Paint neurotherapy.
  • Provides the family with a group therapeutic experience that is connective, lovingly confrontative, and corrective, as well as individual coherence therapy for each family member when indicated.
  • Delivers comprehensive therapeutic parenting psycho-education and coaching to support relationship strengthening and behavior change beyond treatment.
  • Presents a structured therapeutic environment within which to clinically assess, intervene, reframe, and heal.
  • Creates the space to break old habits by living together in completely new and fresh surroundings.
  • Supports family fun, engagement, and playfulness.
  • Infuses nutritious food to enjoy together and healthful living assessment and suggestions.
  • Allows for parental respite during the Bootcamp.
  • Steps the family back home with aftercare support via Skype.

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