One-Minute Kaizen Suggestion

Dear Parent,

Remember my recent blog about the Japanese concept of

The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships

daily one-minute Kaizen’s to create improvement at home?  I have a suggestion for one.  Every day take one-minute to wake your child up by sitting on the edge of the bed to say sweetly, “Good morning Sweetheart.  You are precious and my love is yours to keep forever.”  That’s it.  Go on about your business.  Two, ten, or twenty years old, age doesn’t matter.  Your child needs your gentle voice reminding them of their special place in your heart.

If you have a “No way!” response, this Kaizen is for sure for you.

Love matters,


Special Note:  I received a nice informational note about an upcoming January 2017 no cost Trust-based Relational Intervention 8-week parenting course provided by a local church.  Childcare is free, too. If you are in this area, I recommend you check it out. Here is the link:

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