Neurofeedback Hack (That’s Millenial Speak For Cool)

Dear Parents,

I often err on the side of no promotion (as opposed to shameless self-promotion–despite writing a tell-all book), so I don’t think I have tooted the neurofeedback horn out into the universe enough.  To that end, I am short changing you information on the impact it can have on a person’s life, i.e. your life.

If you live outside Sacramento (or even inside) and you and/or your child are easily dysregulated from attachment trauma and maltreatment in the early years, then look for a neurofeedback provider for an often, very effective first line of attack on that over-arrousal issue.  While neurofeedback is not a cure-all for emotion dysregulation, it is a foundational beginning for balancing disruptive brainwaves.  After neurofeedback treatment, breaking bad habits, changing negative cognitions,  and creating new neuropathways becomes “measurably” more possible.

Here at The Attach Place we nearly always start by recommending neurofeedback to dysregulated families.  All other treatment modalities would be considered secondary.  We use the Brain Paint system.  If you can find a practitioner in your area, I suggest this system as it is superior. If you can’t, you can actually rent a Brain Paint system for home and be supervised by a clinician from afar (her name is Tina Buck and she lives in Arizona).  It isn’t cheap, just pretty amazing when it works.

Every day I talk with parents about how neurofeedback worked on their child.  If I were a better marketer, I would ask for more of these testimonials and spread them around.  It’s not my strong suit.

The following are some of the things I have heard from clients following neurofeedback at The Attach Place.  I hope these comments help you make a decision to find neurofeedback in your community for yourself and your child. You will likely be glad you did.  P.S. If you happen to be one of the people neurofeedback does not work for, then be sure to stop after 7 sessions or so, because it doesn’t work on everyone (just most of us).

About two weeks into it, my daughter did a 180.  She was completely more available and less reactive. –Mother of a recently adopted 12 year old

If I can write something or talk with parents, I want to do it. This program is amazing. Neurofeedback with you is truly a miracle for our son and our family. My friends keep asking me what I am doing. My husband says he has his wife back. –Mother of a Reactive Attachment Disordered 15 yr old

My daughter is so much more affectionate. –Mother of a 12 yr old attachment challenged adopted daughter

She has been easy to be around for two weeks. Two weeks without one blow out. First time ever. –Mother of a 5 yr old attachment challenged adopted daughter

I am definitely getting better. I feel better. –Adopted 16 yr old boy

I am forever indebted to you. I feel myself again for the first time since we adopted the kids. –Mother of two challenging adopted children

Oh, we are much better, calmer.  We are going to keep going. –Mother and father of a reactive 16 year old daughter.

I rarely get those kinds of comments following therapy that doesn’t begin with neurofeedback.  Therapy can be helpful, but neurofeedback changes brains in a measurable way.  It is awesome.

Neurofeedback Solutions an adjunct service of          The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships

I forgot to mention that there are many symptoms neurofeedback can have an impact upon beyond emotional dysregulation.  Check this out:

Mood Swings
Addictive Cravings
Traumatic Brain Injury Aftereffects

How is that for a list?  Neurofeedback can be life altering.  Change your brain and change your life.  That’s what we say around here.

Love matters,


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  1. Great post and thanks for sharing your take on neurofeedback! I’ve recently begun using brain painting, and am excited to see positive change.

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