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Dear Parent,

I want to make sure you have read these books.  With so much material out there, it is hard to find the essential stuff.  The following books are foundational, even required reading if you are raising an attachment challenged, traumatized child:

Beyond Consequences by Heather Forbes (for all children, especially older children)

The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis and David Cross  (for younger children)

Creating Loving Attachments: Parenting with PACE to Nurture Confidence and Security in the Troubled Child by Kim Golding (for all troubled children)

Help for Billy by Heather Forbes (for classroom teachers and school personnel)

Drowning with My Hair On Fire: Insanity Relief For Adoptive Parents by Ce Eshelman (for parents, relatives and close family friends)

I couldn’t resist that last one, because I compiled it especially for YOU.

The Attach Place

The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships

Love matters,


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