You are THAT Mom!

Dear Mom:

Yep, you are THAT mother.  The one no one understands.  Friends say you are too strict, and others say not strict enough. You are the one who leaves parties early and shows up late.  You are that mother who restricts sugar and weeds out gluten.  You are the one who shows up at school two or three times a week and not necessarily for the purpose of bringing treats.  And, then, sometimes you do go just to bring a Paleo Coconut surprise for the class. You are the mom sweetly answering stranger’s silly questions, Are these your real children? while biting down hard on your sassy tongue.  You are that mom who doesn’t punish when everyone says you should.  And, you are the mom who loses her marbles, too. You are the one counting the minutes before the gym opens, so you can use their childcare to read a magazine.  You are also the mother slowing down to accommodate a regressed child who cannot remember how to dress or put on shoes every other morning.  And, yes, you are that mother sitting on her butt (in a skirt no less) in the Target parking lot with your arms wrapped around your precious, pinching, screaming meamy. Everywhere you go–airports, weddings, churches, playgrounds, public toilets, and on and on–you are the mom who can be counted on to do the right thing, keep your child safe, and manage to withstand the whispered sneers, loudly spoken jeers, and side smirks about your child’s shenanigans.  You, Mom, stare down judgments and tolerate unhelpful parenting suggestions while surviving to do it all another day. I know you, too, are the mom who had no idea this was going to be your parenting journey, and yet you have taken it on like a gladiator or warrior woman. Yes, you are THAT mom: that seriously great, loving mother of a child from difficult beginnings.

Be proud Mom.  Keep calm and carry on.  You are the change.  You are the love.  You are the hope.  Be kind to yourself today.  You deserve Mother’s Day 365 days a year.

Your love matters,


The Attach Place

The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships

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