Modeling, Molding and Making Meaning



Our children come home to us with imprints of their own. Many of them, not so great. Those imprints last a lifetime. In order to override the incredible tenacity of the built-in human mind-body complex, YOU have to model, mold, and make meaning of things you might think your children will just “get” along the way. They won’t unless you model, mold and make meaning out of the things your family finds important–family values made overt.

In our family:



  • children are taken care of by parents
  • we play and laugh a lot
  • we keep our house organized and clean
  • parents work in and out of the home and children go to school
  • learning is important
  • we ask for help
  • we use our words
  • everyone contributes to the family according to their ability
  • we can make mistakes
  • we love each other and don’t hurt each other
  • we solve problems with our words
  • we help each other
  • we eat together
  • we stick together
  • we have strong hearts
The Attach Place

The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships

You cannot just say it to the kids. YOU have to live it and make it meaningful every day.

Our kids will not just “get” it. We have to make it perfectly clear, over and over and over. That is how the molding happens.

Love Matters,
Ce Eshelman, LMFT, Mother and Attachment Specialist

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