Mental Wellness Exams Before Kindergarten

Dear Parents,

I was just reading an NPR article about getting mental wellness intervention before a child goes to Kindergarten and gets entangled in the educational system where it seems intervention at that age is poo-poo’d–Just wait until 1st or 2nd grade when things are really bad, then we can do something.  

Here is the skinny:  many attachment/trauma problems can be corrected well before Kindergarten if they are detected before Kindergarten.  Parents know when something doesn’t feel right.  If something doesn’t feel right, it isn’t right.  It doesn’t mean every little parent anxiety is worth an MRI, but a churning in a parent’s gut about how a child does or does not surrender to parental safety; or the recurring feeling that your child is not being soothed by your attempts; or your on-going experience of chronic crying, sleeplessness, bed dread, and extreme cling are all validate and important reasons to get a savvy intervention while your baby/toddler/young child’s brain is still in its patterning, imprinting stage.  Get they to an attachment therapist, pediatric trauma expert, childhood psychiatrist who specializes in treating primal wound anxiety for help.  You will be exceedingly glad you did or profoundly sad if you don’t.

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Trust yourself.  It is never too early to get help with something that isn’t going great. Being told that Kindergarten is too soon to be concerned is hog-wash.  Waiting until Kindergarten to deal with anxiety, grief, fear, dysregulation, and/or despair is waiting maybe 5 years too long.

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