Measuring Cognitive Performance

Are you a high-performance person in your field?

Would you like to be?

Or have you had a decline in your brain function following an Sacramento Neurofeedback, Sacramento Neurofeedback, Sacramento Attachment and Trauma Therapyaccident or surgery?

If you want to increase memory, learning ability, verbal ability, or concentration, you’ll want to learn more about neurofeedback for improved cognitive performance. BrainPaint Neurofeedback could give you a boost to maximize your full potential or to return you to your original function following a trauma.

Because brains are neuroplastic, we know that brain function can always be improved. We are also able to train specific functions such as memory, intelligence, and fine motor responses. Even if you do not have an obvious brain impairment or deficit, some neurofeedback training protocols can still increase your functional brain capacity.

Test your concentration now:

BrainPaint Neurofeedback Case Study

Cindy M. (not her real name) was a 52-year-old business owner that knew she had lost what she called “my spark.” She was more forgetful and scattered than before and although she had always been a good student, she was having trouble maintaining concepts after reading and incorporating new information into her work. Cindy was having bouts of insomnia and felt she wasn’t cognitively sharp during her workday. This reduced performance had started to weigh heavily on her and she felt increased low mood as a result. Her initial neurofeedback intake indicated decreased performance in several cognitive domains.

Following just a few sessions of neurofeedback, she showed a significant increase in energy during the day and reported a reduction in problems with insomnia. After 20 sessions, she said, “I feel like my old self again and maybe even better.”

Many people do not want to introduce pharmacology or supplements into their bodies and find BrainPaint Neurofeedback is the safest, non-invasive way to improve brain function.

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