Throwing Cars

Dear Parents,

My 21-year-old attachment challenged daughter has killed yet another car–waa waa. Let me count.  That’s, yep, five cars in two years.  Nearly unbelievable.  I’m sure you are wondering when I will get done throwing cars at her.  She doesn’t even have her driver’s license yet.  I have actually been throwing these cars at her boyfriends, plural.  They can drive.  She is too anxious to take the driving part of the test and depends on them to get her where she needs to go.  It doesn’t matter.  The cars die a cruel and unusual death no matter what.

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I’m not complaining.  I am telling you that I am on a very slow to grow learning curve.  I am so much wanting to give my children more privilege than they can handle.  I have always had that urge.

Let them walk to school.  Let them sleep over with other children.  Let them have a phone.  Let them stay out a little later. Let them have friends over.  Let them stay up late.  Let them go to the mall without me.  Let them spend the day at the pool. Let them go Trick or Treating without me. Let them hold their own money. Let them use a computer unsupervised. Let them have their own house.  Let them have a car. Let them… Let them.. Let them…

I need to stop; and, it is painfully hard to resist being a regular old mom.  I still have to be a therapeutic parent with my adult children.  They are only half their ages.  It is what it is. I need to get real and stay real.  I don’t get to “Let them.”  I just don’t.

Parenting traumatized, attachment challenged children isn’t easy.  You already know that, don’t you.

Love matters,



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