Love Matters Parenting Society Membership

Therapy without Therapeutic Parenting is only half the solution.

The Love Matters Parenting Society is a 100% comprehensive therapeutic parenting revolution.  Over the course of a year, move your family from surviving to thriving.  Yes, you can do that, but not alone.  And, you are not alone.  This membership gives you access to a robust community of parents of children from difficult beginnings who are living a thriving life while healing their traumatized children.  You get daily coaching opportunities from an attachment and trauma specialist and adoptive mom who has walked in your shoes and thrived to help others do it even better.  Training, coaching, community, support every day of the year.  All for $33.50 per month.  That is half the price of one therapy session.  For members, there is a special 15% bonus discount on remote in-home neurofeedback for regulation, too. You can’t get a bargain like this for professional support anywhere else.  Check it out.

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This Membership is always open to join because parents of adopted children always need support, right? 

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