July 4th Only: Don’t Miss This Weighted Blanket Sale

Hello Parents:

Every 4th of July I send you this great 24-hr sale for weighted blankets.  If your child has sensory issues, these blankets can become loved additions to your household.  They don’t work for every child; however, at this price, why not try one.  I don’t have stock in this company, by the way, just know how expensive these can be.  One sale a year…    Love matters, Ce


  1. Thank you for posting this! I was too late checking my mail. Hopefully I will catch the next sale. I have been wanting now for my daughter for the past 5 years. The sight looks like it has a lot of great products at a decent price.

    • I’m sorry you missed it this year. They only have the sale on 4th of July each year. These blankets are very high quality. We have had many in our office that have held up for years and get frequently washed. Put it on your calendar for next year! Best wishes, Ce

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