International Peace Day Begins and Ends In Violence

Dear Parents,

It’s time to turn the TV off again.  Seems I have written this far too many times because of world violence.  I wish I were simply talking about dysregulation caused by blue TV screen light and role models found within that medium.  Many parents fear their children will become violent adults, because they are living with violent children. That seems a healthy parental executive function–cause and effect thinking–in action. Still, it is not in any parent’s best interest to think that way.  There are far better outcomes from narrating and curating a future of gentle kindness.

Peace begins with your prosaic voice and in the mercy of your safe and loving hands.  Be the embodiment of safety for your children.  Say No thank you to the violent acts of a dysregulated brain.  Physically hold if you must for safety; otherwise, hold with your mindful and loving presence when your child cannot hold on to what is present; slipping

The Attach Place

The Attach Place
Center for Strengthening Relationships

irretrievably into the past where fear, uncertainty, abuse, neglect and abandonment were a steady diet.

Parent less out of fear of what your children might become, and instead focus forward lovingly on what you want to see more of in their every day lives.  That is the antidote to raising children who become violent in adulthood.

Love matters,



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