If YOU Knew What I Know

In response to Dear Desperate yesterday, I heard back from so many of YOU.  Some with Amen Sister! Some with stories of hell being endured across the country by parents just like YOU.  And some from parents who, like me, are mostly on the other side of the daily chaos.
To those of YOU in the thick of it, one day this will calm way, way down.  Try to reign in your fear of all things horrible happening, and take each day as it comes.  Some days will feel like a springtime and others like Tsunamis.  One day after the other, year by year, your children will grow, mature, and begin to take conscious steps on their own.  Our challenged kids learn to live the way a baby learns to walk.  They fall down a lot over the course of their childhoods and teen years. Stuff gets broken. Little by little, with our healing support and the support of the community, they begin to crawl, then walk.  Their gaits are not always steady by the time they reach adulthood, but they fall way less often. And for that YOU will be joyous and feel triumphant beyond your wildest imagination.
To those of YOU out of the thicket and into the sun, embossed Super Parent Under-Armor all around. Wear it proudly beneath your togs. Your lives are like Snoopy Dances to my soul.  If all parents knew what I know about the end game, they would feel more hopeful. I have tons of hope, because YOU tell me your stories and I have one of my own.  Also, I get to be a small part of the journey with many of YOU. For that, I am eternally grateful.
Yep, filled with hope is the way to go.  Hope makes the cobblestones a little less painful under your bare feet as you wind your way through dark valleys and up the steep cliffs to lighter days on the mountaintop.
Love Matters,
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Ce Eshelman, LMFT 
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