Fun with Boundaries

Hi Sweet Parent–AKA, Child Whisperer,

Parent PlayingHaving fun is imperative for raising healthy children with attachment challenges. Play with boundaries is the way to go. Use your sense of humor and playfulness to teach expectations, social skills, and appropriateness. Stop the fun to set a firm boundary, when the train suddenly goes off the rails. Then, go right back to being playful. This way of engaging your child will help her learn regulation and to accept your wisdom.

Watch your own tendency to be sarcastic, dry, and snarky. If that is your style of play, you won’t be surprised then when your child returns your humor with sarcasm, sharp sardonic quips, and snark. I learned this the hard way. Keep your humor innocent and playful, rather than quick and cutting. YOU and your child deserve the lightness of being silly, emotionally safe, and joyfully engaged.

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Love Matters,
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