Fear Is the Enemy of a Child’s Brain

Dear Parents,

Creating “felt safety” is the supreme goal for a therapeutic parent of attachment challenged, traumatized children.  The problem is how to do it.

Your task is to be safe for the brain of your child who lives very close to the edge of survival every day.  All that hypervigilance and attention to things that are none of your child’s business is all about hard-wired fear.  Your child may not have any idea that s/he lives in fear, but the body knows.

The Attach Place

The Attach Place
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Here’s How

The best way to make yourself safe is to be predictable, consistent, even-tempered, structured, and anticipatory. Anticipate that your child will be reactive at every turn and grease the wheels for smooth transitions.  Yes, our children are nosey.  Being nosey is a survival skill.  Instead of chastising the little sweeties for sticking their noses where they don’t belong, invite them in with enough information to bring their anxiety down and to increase your trustworthiness as a safe, loving parent.

Say It Out Loud Parents

I know you don’t want to “have” to tell your child everything you are going to do before you do it; and you don’t “have” to. When you don’t, however, there will be reactive outbursts that you will pay a bigger price for in the long run.  It is a loving thing to develop a transparent style with your child.  It is like talking out loud about your next moves.  Your child’s brain will thank you.

Love matters,


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