Dissociation In Traumatized Children

Dear Parents,

Sometimes the behavior you see in your traumatized child that scares you so thoroughly is the manifestation of a dissociated fear state.

Maniacal laughter; kicking and hitting with no apparent care about harmSwearing Boy to the object; continuing to yell “No!” when no one is making a request; smiling in the face of hurting someone; running away with no destination in mind; holding hands over ears screaming; feigning deafness; slamming fists through windows and walls; staring a hole straight through you; saying back the exact words you are saying; saying nonsensical things; baby talking when upset; desperate screaming and crying; spitting; growling; accusing you of hurting, abusing, scratching, threatening, and being mean when you accidentally bump them; moving from thing to thing to thing for no obvious reason; darting in and around people or spaces; erratic grabbing, snatching, lunging, rolling, diving, jumping, and climbing on tables and cabinets; demanding food when food is on the plate; running around breaking random things; yelling you’re hurting me, I hate you, I’m going to kill you, fuck you, die.

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Any of that familiar?  Humans are scary when they are scared, just like bears and dogs and gorillas if they could talk.  I promise you that our kids have no idea what they are saying or doing when they are dissociated; and, for sure, they are not simply angry.  Rather, they are scared to death.  Fight, flight, freeze, smile.  Yep, irrational smiling is a survival skill.  It can be quite disarming.

Be gentle with your children when they get triggered into a dissociated state.  They are not themselves, and they need you to keep them safe until they return.

Love matters,


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