Delicious Talks

Dear Parent,

I don’t know about you, but I love delicious talks with my children.  Mine are all grown up now (okay, 19 and 20), but I have always had intimate talks with each of them.  I can’t plan them; they just happen. Usually they are initiated by my children.  Sometimes by me.

Nonetheless, the talks are delicious like pure ingredient ice cream and wild honey on crisp Fuji applies and sauteed spinach and carrots from the garden.  I must be hungry.  I love a talk with heart.

Just now, I had one with my daughter (who is diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder).  We talked about this and that, her life and mine, others and her brother.  We talked.  It was lively, funny, alive, engaged, and neither of us got triggered.  Sweet.

Curiously, I wonder if she finds these talks as delectable as I do.  I am inclined to go ask, but I will wait until tomorrow. Right now, I will let us both basque in whatever lingering feelings we each have after connection.

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I am hopeful that my daughter in time will find her way clear to accept my love, refuse to see my suggestions as criticism, and begin to see her own value. I am hopeful that I in time will find my way clear to accept my daughter, refuse to criticize, and begin to shine preciousness her way no matter what happens.  These are big hopes.  I have faith.  I have faith in us both.

Love matters,


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