Cyber Safety: Oxymoronic

Dear Parents:

Cyber security seems downright oxymoronic to me.  Is there such a thing these days?  Well probably not, but cyber is a fact of life, so we all better get hip if we are going to stay up on the cyber wave our children are surfing.  Children are targeted 35 times more often than adults for identity theft alone. Kids, especially emotionally vulnerable children and teens who have weak attachment glue and trauma brains, are particularly susceptible to cyber shenanigans, conflict, bullying, and victimization. Don’t wait to get informed and don’t wait to put safety parameters around your children’s cyber access to a social life that is way off the grid and outside the boundaries of healthy living.

One Can Never Unsee Some Things

I am suddenly recalling the memory of a close-up shot of an erect penis showing up on my cell phone about fifteen minutes after one of my children asked to borrow it for a quick text to a friend.  Oh no, there that image is again.  Can’t unsee it.  My child was 12 at the time.  Start way earlier to stem the tide, but it is never too late to put the brakes on total cyber freedom.

Test Your Text Chops

Do you know what half of these things mean?  If you are lucky, your children fail the test, too.













June is Cyber Safety Month, by the way.  Look what a great resource I found at BARK.

Finally, here are two cyber safety links: 1) for parents and 2) for teachers.


























Love matters,


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