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Dear Parents,

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Center for Strengthening RelationshipsParents,

Snuggled up with my dogs, I am watching CNN Heroes while nursing a cold.  Truly touching, amazing people.  Then, I started to think about you–each one of you I am honored to know.  You do not consider yourselves heroic.  I get that.  You didn’t adopt one or two or three or more children to have other people pat you on the back or give you an award.  You had extra love to go around, so you brought your child home. Some of you opened up your life to more than one.  You amaze me.  Frankly, I amazed myself.

What I know is that raising children well is a long process that takes the patience of Job to do it right. Being a therapeutic parent to a traumatized, attachment challenged child requires even more.  Not only do you give your time, energy, and love the way all parents do, you also sacrifice sleep, safety, contentment, peace, and sometimes family, friends, careers, hobbies, and your own sanity.  You give until your eyes spin in your head and you have little left.  You cry in agony and despair (behind closed doors) when your children spit in your face, break your favorite things, or steal your keepsakes with what seems like no thought at all.  You often give for years before your children are able to give much of anything genuine but their hurt back.

You are asked many times a day to understand the nonsensical, listen to incessant chatter, hug the rejecting, soothe the fearful, protect the angry, and keep your marbles when it seems you have only a few precious ones left.  The biggest challenge is keeping your lid on when your children are flipping theirs. These are monumental actions and you do them every day, all day with determination, grit, perseverance, and love.  And no matter how tired you are, how much you want to run for the hills, or question your decision, you continue to have empathy for the hurting hearts of your precious children.

Oh, I know you are not perfect; and, I know you are perfect at the same time. I can hold both of these things at the same time. You are a hero in my eyes. You are your children’s heroes, too. I can see you. Carry on.

Love matters,


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  1. So well said, Ce. Thank you. Some days are so much harder than others. We CAN keep up the good work, and we parents are AWESOME!

  2. So well said, Ce. Thank you. Some days are so much harder than others. We CAN keep up the good work, and we parents are AWESOME!

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