Celebrate, YOU Need It

I am a sucker for a good ol’ Snoopy Happy Dance.  Snoopy Happy Dancing is a time to cut loose, twirl around, be silly, act ridiculous.  
Come on, celebrate life with me.  
This is it. 
This is livin’ the dream.  
It is what YOU make it.  
Make some happy dance memories for yourself and for your kids. Give them one more thing to remember in their childhoods that is joyful, lively and without trouble.  It’s free, no ticket line, no sweaty heat, no chilly breeze, no clean-up necessary, no muss, no fuss. 
Just fun.
Have YOU forgotten how to do the Snoopy Happy Dance?  Here is a primer.
Snoopy's in the house
It’s Friday.  Celebrate with a little happy dance of your own.
Love Matters,
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Ce Eshelman, LMFT 
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