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Mother’s Day Is Every Day

Hello Parents:

This day has created one of the most iconic pictures of motherhood–all flowers, breakfast in bed, and celebration with curly-haired, dimpled-faced, adoring children gently dusted with pancake flour.  Some of us mothers are getting a version of that today as spouses, friends, and children scramble to create this hallmark image of happiness.  Some of us are trying to do it for ourselves.  Others of us are simply getting through the day.

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Wherever you are, however you find yourself on this day elected to honor mothers, know this in your bones: mother’s day is every day.  You are always “bringing it” for those you love.  Some days you can barely brush your teeth at the end of the day, and other times you skip it altogether out of a desperate need to drop from exhaustion wherever you are.  Mothering is in your DNA. You cannot give it up once you have embraced it.  It pushes and prods and pulls you forward into action.  It whispers in your ears day and night how much those around you truly need you.  You cannot give up, let down, or surrender to the challenges of mothering, and you wouldn’t even if you could.  That is your inherent genetic make-up showing forth for your children. You are made of grit and courage, determination and compassion.  You hold the keys to the universe and to the car. You have hands for comforting and for unlocking the box where all the remotes live.  You are made of gorilla glue, two-sided tape, caulk, and baling wire. Like it or not, Mammas, you got this.

Happy Mother’s Day; this day is one among 365 mothers’ days a year.  Go ahead, let loose–celebrate. You deserve it.

Love matters,


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Like Clockwork: A Mother

Dear Parent,

There is nothing more certain than a loving mother.

She rallies when the chips are down and shows up to cheer when the sails are high.

She trudges through dark of night for a gallon of milk, and braves the brutal sun to see the bat swung by her wee-ist tyke.

She holds a steady heart during a good old tantrum, and five minutes later plans a family trip to the ocean per chance a whale spotting might delight.

She bites her tongue when a blistering quip is just right for the battle, and sometimes to her chagrin out it all tumbles.

She can be long suffering in truly ridiculous ways, so she rarely sees anything but the last cold pancake with one bruised berry on her breakfast plate.

She can joke about painful things, though in the quiet of her private space she is raw to the bone.

She laughs and cries like her life depends on it, and frankly sometimes is actually does.

She holds her children when they need love and safety; adoring the former while hating every minute of the latter.

She works and studies and cleans and tidies; and picks up and puts up and keeps right on going toward the things that matter.

She is a perfect blend of Super Girl and Wonder Woman, even though there are times when she feels more like a rag doll who has lost some stuffing.

She is strong and tender; tough and kind.

She means business and is, by her child’s account, uncool in the most inappropriate places.

She endures all things, giving up only occasionally on make-up, hair-cuts, and the latest fashion.

She pulls-off this whole child rearing thing every day because she was made for it, and once in a blue moon she wishes she wasn’t.

She is a contradiction; both symphony and garage band in three-quarter time.

She is amazing and dazzling in her ability to juggle.

She is love in action, rarely resisting the third request for a tickle or a snuggle.

She is terribly flawed and beautifully human for sure.

She is committed and dedicated, as only she can be.

She takes time for herself, when internal combustion nears.

She is on a mission of her own making; on this you can trust.

She falls down and pulls herself back up, because her family needs her.

She has soft eyes to comfort the most fearful heart, and a stink-eyed, hairy-eyeball like nobody’s business.

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The Attach Place Center for Strengthening Relationships

She has the laser focus of a Jedi, whenever her child is at stake.

She is love.

She is certainty itself.

She is a mother.

…and mom love matters,


Ce Eshelman, LMFT is an attachment therapist, adoptive mother, stepmother, guardian mother, dog/cat mother, grandmother, not her husband’s mother, and author of:

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