Bustling Winter Solstice With Children From Difficult Beginnings

Dear Parents,

In times past, dark, cold days and bare tree limbs would signal a time for slowing down and snuggling up cozily with loved ones.  Today, you might find yourself rushing around with pink cheeks, children in tow, trying to squeeze the last drop of holiday bustle out of the light before the shortest day of the year retreats into total darkness.

Whew!  Slow down if you can. Take a breath. Children feel safe and loved when you play with them, look at them sweetly, and laugh out loud with full abandon in their presence.  Tired, grumpy, worn out, holiday weary parents are rarely delightful.  How do I know this?  I learned the hard way.  Here are some things my kids love to talk about when gathered for holiday meals:

Remember when you gave us those toys you made out of clay for Christmas, Mom?  They were so cute.  I remember having a huge fit when one of them broke after I tried to stuff it into a toy car.  That was so fun, Mom!

Remember when Frank (our Black Lab) knocked over the tree?  That was hysterical.  I think that was the first time I saw you cry, Mom.  I couldn’t believe my eyes and I remember us all really laughing at you for crying.  Not very nice, were we?  After a minute, you started laughing with tears squirting out of your eyes.  

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Mom, remember buying matching Christmas sweaters every year?  Big laughter breaks out all around after someone starts that worn out story because there were never any Christmas sweaters and certainly nothing matching.  That memory is 100% false.  It started when my daughter was around 10 and has persisted now as a joke.  Some might think this a bit crazy–talking together about a memory that never happened.  It is our way of acknowledging that things were just a tad off sometimes around our house, and still are from time to time.  Good to laugh at ourselves than rigidly deny our experiences.

Here is a fact: None of my children ever mentions one single present I ever bought and gave them for Christmas.  All the bustling around is not the stuff of healing.  It’s icing for sure but try very hard not to confuse it for the cake.

Happy Winter Solstice, sweet parents.

Love matters,


Holiday Cheers to you parents, in case you missed it from all of us at The Attach Place.

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