Beware What You Say

Dear Parent,

I read a quote today: Live so that when your children think of fairness, caring, and integrity, they think of you.  H. Jackson Brown Jr.

For parents of children from difficult beginnings, this quote especially applies. Often our children come with words, tones, phrases, and ways that have been shaped by anger, abuse, neglect, insensitivity, and early exposure to things beyond their developmental age.  Adoptive parents are then in the business of re-shaping and repairing the imprints that came before them. To do that, the high road needs to be the road most frequently travelled.

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Our young people are sponges in need of your slow, purposeful modeling of loving, caring, kindness, understanding, and empathy.  Punishment will not stop the negative influences stuck in the minds and mouths of your children. Only by holding their preciousness in your mind, love in your eyes, kindness in your voice, and positive deeds in your doing will they find worthy replacements for the old ways.

Love matters,


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