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Dear Parents,

Today is the first day I have only one 20-year-old under my roof.  That 20-year-old is a post foster care child I have agreed to be the guardian for since she aged out of the foster care system homeless.  She has lived here more than a year now, and I am taking time to find a good supported living placement for her to go when she transitions from here.

My own children are now living independently.  I feared it might never happen; and I know you might be thinking it will never happen for your children, but it can.  It often takes a few more years than we parents would like, but it happens if you make it so.

Here is the funny thing.  Both of my young adult children (plus a boyfriend) coincidentally moved out this week; and we, oddly,  all spent the evening in my living room laughing and chatting about the goings on in their new homes.  It was delightful and I can see this will happen often and it will feel very different and loving to all.

My kids are scared to live without their mommy.  My job now is to assure them that I am here loving them, believing in them, and being their support for independence; also, I will be here for them in times when they feel the weight of the world is too much.  I lift their spirits, listen to their woes, give what I can, and bake them a casserole and brownies sometimes.

Wow, I love that I love these people.  I love it.  I love them.  the long haul was worth it, despite how I felt for a number of years in the middle when I couldn’t see the future for the tantrums.

My kids love me, too.  Honestly, I am not so altruistic that I did not want that in return.  I did.  I truly did.  No shame.  Just human.

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Love matters,


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