Back to School Blues

I had a nice long break.  Honestly, I missed writing to YOU every day, and I didn’t miss writing every day.  Since I last sent you a missive, it was the stress-free days of summer and now it is back to school.  Even if your attachment challenged child is excited about the school year, you can put money on a scourge of blow outs and meltdowns because, like school or not, dysregulation is afoot.

Here are a few tips to ease you through the back to school blues:

Up the empathy for your child’s stress.  (“Awe, it’s awful to have 6 teachers you hate.  Just awful.”)

Give hurdle help. (“I’ll help you find your binder, your homework, your pencil, your deodorant, your zipper, your brain, and your shoes.”)

Be a hero for a few weeks. (“Oh, you forgot your lunch again? Sure, I will take an hour out of my morning to swing it by school before lunchtime.”)

Listen to every story with eager ears and soft eyes. (“Oh, she did? Then what? Oh, that is HILLLL-arious.”)

Have fun and chill. (Eat ice cream after school at least once a week for the first month. Even YOU might like an excuse to blow your diet.”)

Okay, that’s it for me on my first day back to YOU.

Love Matters,

Ce Eshelman, LMFT

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