Attachment Training To Go

Ce Eshelman, LMFT, provides agencies and community organizations with a variety of training and workshop opportunities. Presentations are customized in 2, 4, or 6-hour blocks and up to 4-days of intensive professional training can be requested.  Recent topics included Attaching In Adoption, Regulation As An Attachment Issue, Healing the Adoptive Parent’s Heart, Attachment Styles, and Trust-based Therapeutic Parenting Strategies.  All presentations can be leveled for professionals/or caregivers.

This is what workshop/training participants are saying about Ce Eshelman, LMFT:

  • The training was spectacular! Although not all of the information was new to me, the trainer provided a unique voice on the subject matter that contributed to a great learning experience.
  • I found your “Attaching in Adoption “ training very informative and not only applied to adopting/foster parents but those with their own bio children.  It was strange to see things through a different light and realize how much things applied to my own children.  Having dealt with many of the traumatic experience in my own life and my sons witnessing some ACES with their biological father, I have a better understanding of certain behaviors.  I believe that through the therapy and counseling sessions we have worked through many, but in retro spec it could come back as they hit puberty or enter a relationship.  This training was amazing and emotionally freeing. I came to realize how much I have worked through and how much I still need to grow. To know you are not seeing things to just try to prove you’re not crazy is like having a weight lifted.
  • I can only imagine the challenges and degrees adoptive or foster child face.  I am glad I had this opportunity to  understand and see the world in this light.  The trainer was amazing and spoke from experience and her heart. This made it an experience to remember.
  • I liked the training a lot, I will use the information with my grandchildren and other children as things come up. I’m glad I got the opportunity to attend this training, thank you for having it here in Glenn County.
  • The training was interesting and presented a different perspective that was refreshing. Although at times it was a challenge when confronting my personal issues and history, I plan on attending part two in October. I especially appreciated how authentic Ce Eshelman was and her courage in sharing her personal struggles.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ce was very engaging and I cannot wait for the next one.

To bring Ce Eshelman, LMFT, to your organization, contact Jen at or call (916) 403-0588.